Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pumpkin Passport

From The Frosted Pumpkin. I ordered the new 2016 series. Like I need another series. So far I have Cottage of the Month, Frosty Forest and now the Pumpkin Passport. There are not enough hours in the day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cross Stitch - Cottage of the Month - January

Be sure and check out Country Cottage Needleworks. One of my favorite cross stitch pattern designers. I am working on the January cottage of the month. Soft and serene aqua colors foe the cottage against a friendly snowman. This will be the perfect way to liven up January which is usually a little drab and dreary.

Post Christmas Crafting

After the flurry of Christmas crafting, I finally have some down time to craft for me and our home. Doing some cross stitching now by one of my favorite designers 'Country Cottage Needleworks'.  They have wonderful designs. I purchased all of the Cottage of the Month and the Frosty Forest series. Going to be a busy stitcher heading into 2016!  

The Changing of the Pond

One year I made a scrapbook of what our lake/pond looked like through the year. I took a picture of it every 1st of the month. I absolutely enjoyed scrapbooking the pictures and noting in detail how it changed. It went from bare and brown in the winter to lots of activity and business in the spring and summer to a quiet classic look and feel in autumn. That describes my style when I create paper crafts and needle work projects. Sometimes I want a very simple clean affect, other times busy with bling and frequently - something in the middle.
I look forward to sharing pictures of my creations soon.

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome everyone to my blog. I live in Bourbon County KY and we have a 2 acre lake on our property. We call it our pond. It is my little get-a-way when I need a break or when I need some quiet time. The beauty, stillness and simplicity are what inspires me. Of course, the pond is full of frogs. When it is mating season in May, the frogs come alive with their frog sounds. They seem to get used to me when I mow a few times around. They just kind of sit very still along the water's edge as if to say, "If I stay still maybe she won't see me."